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icon Seven reasons to use solar

Besides saving the environment, are there any practical reasons to use solar? You may be suprised at how many good reasons there are..

  1. It’s a great supplementary system for power cuts – when summer hits in Bangladesh and the current is off more than it’s on, a household solar system can put you through the summer power cuts.

  2. Solar is getting cheaper – every  year for the past decade, the cost of solar energy has dropped by an average of about 3.5%.

  3. It’s the best clean energy option in Bangladesh – while hydroelectric and wind have some potential on the fringes of Bangladesh, solar is the big energy resource of Bangladesh.

  4. Solar panels last – Most electric panels will produce electricity for 25 years or more.  The energy required to make solar panels gets returned in about 1½-3½ years. 

  5. It’s a better alternative to an IPS system – both IPS (Instant Power Supply) systems and solar systems are expensive, but there’s a big difference. IPS systems merely steal electricity so your neighbor without an IPS has more frequent loadshedding, while solar systems are clean and continually create new electricity.

  6. Only 40% of Bangladeshi citizens are on the grid – For those off the national electricity grid, solar is a promising option.  Particularly when you consider that the per capita energy consumption in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in the world (136 kWH).

  7. It’s more efficient than an IPS - with an IPS, the current needs to be converted three times between DC and AC current, each time inevitably losing some energy. With a solar system, you can have a parallel system in entirely DC (direct current).

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